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A few words about RA Norge as

Why choose US?

We know that our customers are the key to our success. triumph.

RA Norge as is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality services in the interior design industry. Our mission is to carry out even the most demanding construction projects in line with the latest trends, which will enable people to live in quality and modern homes.

Our focus is on the following aspects:

  1. Evaluation of home decoration works.
  2. Consultation on the installation of housing interior;
  3. Cost estimating
  4. Organization and implementation of finishing works.
  5. Supply of materials.

We always clean up after work


Taking care of our customers and taking into account all their expectations and requirements, RA Norge performs all the work – from partial repairs to fully finished homes. In order to avoid extra hassle or expense in furnishing, all after-work and installation work is done by our carefully selected and competent staff, and is performed on time by our technical supervisor. The guide will ensure that all work is done smoothly and the premises themselves are equipped according to a prepared interior plan. The project manager will also take care of all construction products.

Trust us with your home installation, and you don’t have to worry about any work related to it.

We carry out carpentry and contract work. Plaster installation, doors, windows, floors, ceiling and climate walls.

The goal of quality
The goal of safe work
the goal of ecology

What we can offer!

We help you to solve problems

Gips ceilings Pro

We install plasterboard on straight and inclined ceilings, as well as plaster ceilings on several levels with LED lighting.

plaster wallsPro

We mount gips wall on concrete or wooden walls.

Drywall partitions Pro

We build plaster partitions and insulation. Also we can hang the TV and etc.

Installation of interior door

We install different types of interior doors.

Installation of windows

We mount windows in different types and sizes.

gypsum Shelves

We install plaster in various forms.


Sparkling, painting, wallpaper, decoration

exterior wall gips

In the hot season we install exterior drywall.

Plumbing and electrical work

We have reliable partners who offer electrician and plumbing services

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